LONG-07. The Farthest

Ireland, Feature Documentary, 2017, 121 min

Winner of many film festivals around the world

Dazzling Documentary! The New York Times

In 1977, America launched the greatest exploration in human history. In 2017, after 40 years and 12 billion miles of photographing the outer planets. Voyager 1, with its’ Golden Record bearing recordings and images of life on Earth, left the solar system and the scientists who designed it and cared for it for 40 years are ecstatic. They wanted Voyager 1 to map four planets, but Nixon would only fund two. So they did the unthinkable in 1977; they built the onboard computer, (which only had the circuit power of a modern hearing-aid) to be reprogrammable from EARTH. After orbiting Jupiter, Saturn and Titan, the scientists reprogrammed the spaceship to slingshot out to Neptune and Uranus, and beyond the solar system. The Farthest is an enduring testament to the ingenuity of humankind and the untapped limits of the imagination. This visually stunning film absolutely must be seen on the big screen.

Directed by Emer Reynolds

Boulder Premiere

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Venues: The Boulder Theater; First Presbyterian Church, 1820 15th Street; Boulder High; eTown Hall; Longmont Museum’s Stewart Auditorium