BT-12. BIFF Shorts After Dark


Switzerland, Short Film, 2017, 9 min

Two wannabe gangsters can’t decide on the coolest thing to say before shooting Michel. Subtitled.

Directed by Christophe M. Saber

Garden Party

France, Short Animation, 2016, 7 min

Nominated for a 2018 Academy Award

In a deserted rich house, a couple of amphibians explore their surroundings and follow their primal instincts.

Directed by Florian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire, Théophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon and Lucas Navarro


Peru, Short Film, 2016, 20 min

In the late dark hours, a taxi driver told the great Peruvian director Alejandro Roca Rey a story about his bizarre night with three strange passengers, and how the long, frightening ride changed his life forever. Subtitled.

Directed by Alejandro Roca Rey

The Eleven O’Clock

Australia, Short Film, 2016, 14 min

Nominated for a 2018 Academy Award

The delusional patient of a psychiatrist believes he is actually the psychiatrist. As they each attempt to treat each other, the session gets really weird.

Directed by Derin Seale

Great Choice

USA, Short Film, 2017, 7 min

Direct to BIFF from Sundance 2018

A woman gets stuck in a Red Lobster commercial.

Directed by Robin Comisar

Make a Wish

Sweden, Short Film, 2016, 13 min

Anita and Gunnar live a nice retired life. But when Anita makes a secret wish to be visited romantically by the hot, young and virile host of TV's "Make A Wish," her dream surprisingly comes true. This is a film about getting too much of a good thing. Subtitled.

Directed by Jonatan Etzel

The Log

Finland, Short Film, 2016, 6 min

The female director wants full frontal nudity from her male lead, but the actor has a big problem with it. Subtitled.

Directed by Teemu Nikki

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