CH-08. Seeking Asian Female

USA, Feature Documentary, 2012, 82 min

"If you betray me three times, I will cut out your eyes!" mail-order fiance Jian-hua tells her big, clueless American husband-to-be... in Mandarin. Steven smiles broadly and says to the camera, "I don't know what she said but it sounded pretty." Despite their formidable language barrier, Steven (60) beams like a kid with a new lollipop, but gradually his naive fantasies about Asian women?quiet, servile and respectful of men?are shattered by 30-year-old office-manager Jian-hua's truly awesome temper. In this hilarious movie, filmmaker Debbie Lum is awkwardly sucked into translating for the couple during their loud domestic quarrels, often over embarrassing personal issues. Will this unconventional love affair and (gulp) marriage last for the ages?

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Venues: The Boulder Theater; First Presbyterian Church, 1820 15th Street; Boulder High; eTown Hall; Longmont Museum’s Stewart Auditorium