Lunafest Shorts


USA, Short Film, 2017, 13 min

Maggie needs her best friend today more than ever, but never expected she'd actually show up.

Directed by Megan Brotherton

Girls Level Up

USA, Short Film, 2016, 10 min

A young woman who grew up in a conservative Muslim neighborhood in the Middle East helps middle school girls in the United States realize their dream of designing their own video game.

Directed by Anne Edgar


USA, Short Film, 2016, 2 min

In 1930s farm country, a father wants a son, but he gets a little girl. He tries to toughen her up, but his efforts backfire when she proves a little too capable for comfort.

Directed by Amanda Quaid

Fanny Pack

USA, Short Film, 2016, 11 min

A comedy about a young Indian-American woman who wants to follow her dreams, and a fanny pack-clad Indian father who chases his daughter through an airport hoping that she will follow his.

Directed by Uttera Singh

Joy Joy Nails

USA, Short Film, 2017, 18 min

In an upmarket strip mall, Sarah manages a nail salon with an ever cheerful, K-pop pumping, manicured iron fist. When Mia starts training as a manicurist, and looks to be stealing the boss’s son’s affections, Sarah gets her claws out—only to discover the terrible truth under the varnish. Subtitled.

Directed by Joey Ally

Yours Sincerely, Lois Weber

USA, Short Documentary, 2017, 6 min

A tribute to Lois Weber - the highest paid silent film director at Universal Studios in 1916 – as told through the fictionalized character of a young magazine photographer who hopes to impress her.

Directed by Svetlana Cvetko


USA, Short Documentary, 2017, 8 min

Jesselyn “Jesszilla” Silva is serious about boxing, and at 10 years old trains seriously with dreams of becoming a professional fighter.

Directed by Emily Sheskin

Waiting for Hassana

Nigeria, Short Documentary, 2017, 11 min

In 2014, the extremist organization Boko Haram kidnapped 276 teenage girls from a town in northeastern Nigeria. Waiting for Hassana is a harrowing first-person account of one girl’s escape from captivity and a heart-wrenching lament for her closest friend Hassana—one of the many girls still unaccounted for. Subtitled.

Directed by Ifunanya Maduka

Last Summer, In the Garden

Canada, Short Animation, 2016, 4 min

A poetic and philosophical rumination on nature, seasons, cycles, and the unavoidable speed bumps in the road of life.

Directed by Bekky O’Neil

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