Short Films 1

Thursday Night

Portugal, Short Film, 2017, 8 min

Direct to BIFF from Sundance 2018

An elusive stranger pays Bimbo, a scruffy terrier, a visit in the dead of night to deliver a vital message.

Directed by Gonçalo Almeida

Les Animaux domestiques (Domestic Animals)

France, Short Animation, 2016, 22 min

Mr. and Mrs. Archibald, a rich, idle couple, successively adopt a dog, a cat, a fly, a toad and a moth. But they don’t know anything about animals. Subtitled.

Directed by Jean Lecointre

Schoolyard Blues

Sweden, Short Film, 2017, 17 min

Winner at Aspen Shortsfest and many other festivals

An elegaic film about childhood. Cineuropa

It's John's first day at school, and his big brother Mika shows up to follow him to assembly. Mika sees it as his mission to teach John the hard facts of the world, starting with the merciless demands of the schoolyard. Subtitled.

Directed by Maria Eriksson

My Nephew Emmett

USA, Short Film, 2017, 20 min

Nominated for a 2018 Academy Award

In 1955, a 64 year-old preacher tries to protect his 14 year-old nephew, Emmett Till, from two racist killers out for blood. Based on true events.

Directed by Kevin Wilson Jr.

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out

Scotland, Short Documentary, 2016, 7 min

Want to see what Danny MacAskill does on his day off?

Directed by Stu Thompson

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