LONG-03. Short Films 2

A New View of the Moon

USA, Short Documentary, 2018, 3 min

A man took a telescope around the streets of Los Angeles to give passersby an up-close look at a familiar object: the moon. They are astounded.

Directed by Alex Gorosh

One Cambodian Family Please for My Pleasure

USA, Short Film, 2018, 13 min

Direct to BIFF from Sundance 2019

In 1981, a lonely refugee from Czechoslovakia paints an all-too-appealing picture of her American life as she writes a letter begging an organization to send a Cambodian refugee family so that she can help resettle them in her new “hometown of dreams:” Fargo, North Dakota. Based on the true story of the director’s mother, Helena. Starring Emily Mortimer

Directed by A.M. Lukas

Never Land

USA, Short Film, 2018, 16 min

This short film tells the story of an inner-city foster boy with nothing but himself and his imagination to keep him company. His only escape comes through his daydreams to Neverland, where all little boys without mothers and fathers go to fit in as Lost Boys.

Directed by Brett Smith

Age of Sail

USA, Short Animation, 2018, 12 min

Shortlisted for a 2019 Academy Award

From Google’s immersive storytelling unit and set on the open ocean in 1900, Age of Sail is the story of William Avery, an old sailor who is adrift and alone in the North Atlantic. When Avery reluctantly rescues Lara, who has mysteriously fallen overboard, he finds hope in his darkest hours.

Directed by John Kahrs

Armor del Amor

USA, Short Animation, 2018, 2 min

A kind of nature “documentary” that follows the mating rituals of the armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) to discover the dark underbelly of modern mammalian dating.

Directed by Kirk Kelley


USA, Short Film, 2018, 12 min

Winner at 10 film festivals​

In 2005, three children are locked in a car in Texas on a hot day, and six-year-old Caroline must save them.

Directed by Logan George, Celine Held


Ireland, Short Film, 2017, 14 min

A man wakes from a coma speaking a fully formed but unrecognizable language, baffling linguistic experts from around the globe.

Directed by Benjamin Cleary, TJ O'Grady Peyton

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