ET-05. Nordic By Nature

Tanagokoro: A Culinary Portrait

UK, Japan, Short Documentary, 2021, 32 min

When Japanese chef Yoshinori Ishii is dismayed by the quality of fish in London, he takes it upon himself to investigate. Through skill, ethics and passion, he sparks a fish revolution in the United Kingdom. Subtitled.

Directed by Victoria Fistes, Masashi Nozaki

Nordic By Nature

Denmark, Spain, Feature Documentary, 2021, 65 min

Poul Andrias in nature

Photo © Claes Bech-Poulsen

Poul Andrias in nature

This film takes place in the Faroe Islands—an ancient microcosmos located halfway between Scotland and Iceland with a rich Nordic history, 37 words for fog and even more for fermentation, a thriving seafood industry, ravishing waterfalls, a native tongue and the Michelin Star restaurant, KOKS. How is it possible to run a top restaurant like this at the end of the world, a restaurant that food connoisseurs take immense detours to dine at, and where the cuisine is based on just 500 square miles of produce in a terrain that is rugged and subpolar? We dive into the poetic mind of a Faroese chef, and seek to find the traditions, history and distinctive ancient practices that lie beneath one of the most remote fine dining experiences in the world. Subtitled.

Directed by Rasmus Dinesen

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