LONG-03. Short Films 2


Afghanistan/UK, Short Film, 2023, 13 min

Colorado Premiere

In Taliban–controlled Afghanistan, Laili walks into a Chadari store in Kabul to buy her first full-body veil. She is drawn to the sounds of music coming from the back and discovers a young man, a disillusioned Taliban member, secretly playing the Rabab. In her search for a veil that fits, Laili must confront the new future she faces, while glimpsing the world beyond the mesh of her Chadari. Subtitled.

Directed by Elham Ehsas

Dead Cat

Canada, Short Film, 2023, 13 min

2024 Oscar Live Action Shorts Shortlist

Boulder Premiere

What were Catherine and Louis thinking when they chose a cat with distinctive white spots? It would have been much easier to replace if they had picked the all-black one! Now, they will have to tell their daughter Sophie that Nugget’s dead. Unless…

Directed by Annie-Claude Caron, Danick Audet

Bienvenidos a Los Angeles

US, Short Film, 2022, 17 min

2024 Oscar Live Action Shorts Shortlist

Colorado Premiere

Inspired by true events, and shot on location at LAX, Bienvenidos a Los Angeles follows Imani, a Nigerian single mother living in Los Angeles, who offers to help a perfect stranger reunite with her son. In doing so, Imani learns this simple act of kindness threatens to jeopardize her path to citizenship.

Directed by Lisa Cole

We Have Notes

US, Short Film, 2024, 14 min

Colorado Premiere

The director of a big budget Joan of Arc movie struggles to implement increasingly frustrating studio notes.

Directed by Jordan McKittrick

The One Note Man

UK, Short Film, 2023, 21 min

On the Oscar shortlist

Colorado Premiere

A lonely bassoonist lives his life meticulously, mired in routine. Each day, he plays a single note in an orchestra and leaves the stage while the rest continue. One day, his exit is accidentally delayed and he hears a breathtaking violin solo which changes his life forever.

Directed by George C. Siougas

Saturday, March 2, 2024, 10:00 am at Longmont Museum’s Stewart Auditorium | Export to Outlook/iCal

In person: Lisa Cole, Rita Marcocci

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Venues: The Boulder Theater; Grace Commons Church, 1820 15th Street; Boulder High; Cinemark Century Boulder 1, 1700 29th St.; Cinemark Century Boulder 2, 1700 29th St.; eTown Hall; Longmont Museum’s Stewart Auditorium