Israel, Feature Film, 2020, 85 min

Photo © Daniella Nowitz

Winner of three awards at the Tribeca Film Festival

Asia is a hard-working, hard-partying nurse who emigrated from Russia with her wide-eyed, rebellious teenage daughter, Vika, who she says is “the only good thing any man ever gave me.” They are more like sisters than mother and daughter. But Vika is at an age where privacy and independence are paramount, and inevitably begins to rebel against her mom’s parenting style. This superbly crafted movie tells us straight on that Vika has a potentially life-threatening illness. Nevertheless, Asia realizes she must get out of the way so that her daughter can live her life. Subtitled.

Directed by Ruthy Pribar

Colorado Premiere

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Venues: The Boulder Theater; Grace Commons Church, 1820 15th Street; Boulder High; Cinemark Century Boulder, 1700 29th St.; eTown Hall; Longmont Museum’s Stewart Auditorium