Us Kids

USA, Feature Documentary, 2020, 98 min

This FREE screening is dedicated to all those who were lost in the mass shooting in Boulder on March 22. Registration required.

From Kim A. Snyder, director of the Peabody Award-winning documentary Newtown, comes an insightful, rousing coming-of-age story of a generation of youth leaders determined to fight for justice at a most critical time in our nation’s history. Sparked by the plague of gun violence ravaging their schools, Us Kids chronicles the March For Our Lives movement over the course of several years, following Emma Gonzalez, Samantha Fuentes, its co-founders, survivors and a group of teenage activists as they pull off the largest youth protest in American history. The activists set out across the country and around the world to build an inclusive and unprecedented youth movement that addresses racial justice and a growing public health crisis, and shocking a political system into change.

Directed by Kim A. Snyder

A Call2Action selection

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Venues: The Boulder Theater; Grace Commons Church, 1820 15th Street; Boulder High; Cinemark Century Boulder, 1700 29th St.; eTown Hall; Longmont Museum’s Stewart Auditorium