The Blue Caftan

Morocco, Feature Film, 2022, 122 min

… a picture that will chime with people who don’t always love foreign-language cinema…it has maturity, complexity and a rich simplicity. Screen Daily

Halim and Mina run a traditional caftan store in one of Morocco’s oldest medinas. In order to keep up with the commands of demanding customers, they hire Youssef, who’s more beautiful than any item in their shop. Slowly, Mina realizes how much her husband is moved by the presence of the young man, and the eager Youssef wants to learn everything he can from his new mentor, paying close attention to each lesson and Halim’s delicate mode of instruction. The Blue Caftan is a story of love, laughter and the meaning of human relationships. If viewers think they see the direction of this gentle film already, they should think again, because -- like life -- this story is full of surprises. Subtitled.

Directed by Maryam Touzani

Boulder Premiere

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Venues: The Boulder Theater; Grace Commons Church, 1820 15th Street; Boulder High; Cinemark Century Boulder 1, 1700 29th St.; Cinemark Century Boulder 2, 1700 29th St.; Longmont Museum’s Stewart Auditorium